First Lesson ( 2 Hours )

    First lesson will cover the safety aspects of basic driving skills. This is one of the most important
    lessons. This lesson will build your driving confident and will develop a good habits for life.  You will
    be taught the followings:

    - Orientation of vehicle                         -  Driver controls       
    - Traffic Checking                                -   Right of way
    - Move off & Pull over                          -   Steering & pedals controls
    - Turning skills                                    -   Lane changes

    Once you have grasped the above basic skills your instructor will start getting you up the gears to
    increase speed.  This exercise improves your control over the vehicle and prepare you to move on
    to more complex exercises, for example simple intersections and basic lane changing. All training
    given is at your pace. Your professional instructor will know where your pressure point is.
    Second Lesson ( 2 Hours )
    You are advised to practice 4 or more hours at home before you start your second lesson.
    Instructors will allow you to refresh and warm-up for about 5 to 10 minutes before you hit the heavy
    traffic. You will be taught the followings:

    - keeping and judging good space and speed in the traffic
    - Traffic checking, and anticipate traffic situations various
    - A more complex lane changes
    - More turns e.g. Three Point Turn, U-turn, Multi-lanes Turn
    - Bike Lane, Center Left Turn Lane (Suicide Lane)
    - Backing Straight
    - Parking Lot driving, and both Perpendicular and Angle Parking
    Third Lesson ( 2 Hours )

    You should be able to handle all the basic skills from the prior lessons.  We strongly advise you to
    practice at least 4 or more hours at home before taking this lesson. This lesson is considered a
    more difficult but it is not an advance lesson. You will be asked to drive into our designed route.
    This route should be able to expose you to drive in Sacramento downtown, riversides or winding
    areas, and expressway.

    A sample test will be given to evaluate you; and to let you get the feeling of a DMV test. Your
    instructor will discuss your result and suggest improvements. However, it is illegal to drive in the
    actual DMV test route.
6 hours driving lesson syllabus
Lesson syllabus is for reference only. We want to cover more than the DMV requires on a driving test. For
example, freeway and parallel parking are not on the test. However, lessons may be modified base on
student's practice time and learning pace.
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